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Cristine Lilavati Lutz


Lila is devoted to teach Kundalini Yoga so it connects the love and compassion from the heart and the light that we are, with the root energi of the body and mother earth. She seeks to work with yoga so it integrates the light of the soul with a grounding energy, so it can be integrated into daily life and into creativity.

Lila is teaching from a soft heart space for everyone to connect deeply with the inner love and the lover within. Through the exercises in her yogaclass you will release toxins, tensions and old mind structures to open up for the life energy to stream through the body in a greater flow. Activating the neutral mind of gratitude and peace and feeling a deeper love and connection with your body mind and soul. Holding and loving what is in every moment.

The yoga is dynamic with a conscious breathing to lift the soul and open up for bigger life source.

Lila is educated Kundalini Yoga Teacher from KRI and a Reiki Master Healer. She has great experience in teaching kundalini yoga and selfhealing. Activating the Divine Inner Love and Peace channel. We heal our body from listening to its true nature and excitement. She is trained in soundhealing with tibetan and crystal bowls and has a passion for sound, breathing and movements as tool for inner peace and self love.