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Alicia Thomsen USA

Alicia Thomsen er højt uddannet indenfor forskellige yogatyper og er uddannet kiropraktor fra USA. Alicia giver dig høj faglig viden med en stor praktisk og jordnær erfaring. Glæd dig og lær fra de bedste her på Inspireconvention.

Alicia became a Chiropractor in 2004 and integrates her knowledge of the biomechanics of the body in her teaching. As a former ballet dancer, her teaching style naturally involves precision of alignment and anatomical detail. But you are not in for a lecture, her alignment cues are easy to understand and will lead you toward a deep inward experience. She works regularly with clients on a one-on-one basis for private yoga instruction and therapeutic bodywork sessions. Alicia's treatments offer a multi-faceted healing approach, combining therapeutic massage, Chiropractic and Yoga to optimize the body's natural healing response.

The body has an ability to heal itself, it just needs the right environment. I believe I provide that healing environment through my classes, and as a Chiropractor, I have a very solid understanding of anatomy and physiology. My knowledge of the biomechanics of the body is relayed through my teaching in a way that is accessible for all.

Qualifications BA in Psychology, Boston University, Doctorate in Chiropractic, National University of Health Sciences, 500 hour Teacher training, YogaWorks in San Francisco

ASSOCIATIONS Licensed California Chiropractor 2006-2017, Years In Practice, Graduated in 2004, 13 years in practice - International background